Picture this: it’s your first date with the coworker you’ve crushed on for months. You’ve waited for this all week, anticipating the moment you’d sit down next to them, and the time has finally arrived.

You’re nervous, but, hey, it’s only Mexican food!

“I’ll have the Sangarita,” your date tells the bartender. Then the bartender turns their expectant eyes to you. And your mind goes blank.

What the heck is a Sangarita?

Wonder no more: we’ve got you covered.

A sangarita combines the best of two classic libations – the baby of red wine sangria and a traditional frozen margarita. Cold, refreshing, and perfect for a summer evening, this hybrid cocktail has notes of both tequila and fresh fruit. It’s garnished with wedges of lemon and lime for a zesty, citrus finish.

Brush up on your Sangarita trivia:

  • Sangria is common to Spanish-speaking countries like Portugal, Argentina, and Uruguay.
  • December 20th is National Sangria Day!
  • A frozen margarita contains all the components of a regular margarita, only pureed with ice – the first machine was produced in 1971.
  • The world’s most expensive margarita, mixed in 2013, checked in at $1200.

Looking to try one for yourself? Stop in to Puente Viejo today – our bartenders would be more than happy to mix up a Sangarita for you!